Monday, July 03, 2006

First of the Idiots: Behbehani Motors

An idiot of Bahrain would not necessarily be a person. It could also be an entity, an evil corporation, a society or an association. Therefore, I will not be talking about individuals only; it could be anyone or anything... And here we go....

Idiot of the day: Behbehani Motors (Behbehani Brothers)

Now you might recognize this company due to their sales of world-class and well-known vehicles, such brands would be Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and Jeep.

This company is a big rip-off, charging you shitloads of money for nothing! They would cancel your warranty even if you change your car’s rims. They want you to buy everything from them. You have no right to modify your car from elsewhere even if you order an original part from abroad.

I have heard legendary stories of dumb young girls paying their whole salary to have their car serviced at Behbehani. Just so that they can say they own an Audi, or a Volkswagen. I know a lot of people selling their cars because of the hefty service bills incurred by those vampires.

Where do the owners come from? These vampires originate from Behbehan in Iran, which is a small, filthy run-down town. How do I know? For I have been there and witnessed the poverty those poor people suffer from. Then comes those who moved abroad, namely Bahrain and Kuwait and started auto dealerships, great! It’s always good to have ambition and determination to beat the hard conditions you faced. But for fuck’s sake! Please be considerate when dealing with other people. This is what makes Kanoo (Toyota and Lexus), Y.K. Al-Moayyed (Nissan and Infiniti) and NMC (Honda, Chevy and Cadillac) dealerships the best in this country in terms of friendliness of service, value for money and efficiency. They also market for luxury brands (look above) yet they have the best service in Bahrain.

Why all this greed? Don’t forget your roots! If you were in Behbehan in today’s Iran, you would have been jacked up, pals! I don’t think your lives would have been what they are now if this ancestor of yours stayed in that run-down village!

You really deserve to be one of the Idiots of Bahrain™


Sunday, June 04, 2006


Welcome to the all-new Idiots of Bahrain page...

In here, you will be seeing a lot of idiots from around this tiny island in the Middle East. A tiny island it is, yet these idiots' impact is more than just meets the eyes.

This initiative comes after being inspired by a number of Bahraini blogs I have followed. These blogs have given me the drive and motivation to express my own thoughts and concerns. I know for a fact that what I will have to say might not be liked by some and others will agree or like what I have to offer. It's your choice, but it's also my choice and right to express myself. Let's all agree to disagree.